Talent Acquisition & Retention Summit to help firms boost their post-Covid people strategy

The upcoming Talent Acquisition & Retention Summit Europe Edition will help firms refocus on their people following the pandemic period

The second Talent Acquisition & Retention Summit Europe Edition will take place on October 6, 2021, focusing on post-COVID-19 people strategy. The session will also feature expert advice from HR professionals in the talent acquisition, retention, company culture, wellbeing, rewards, and diversity and inclusion, (D&I) space.

The two-hour deep-dive session will explore the various ways SMEs are changing their recruitment methods while continuing to focus on their diversity, equity, and inclusion, (DEI) efforts.

Hot-button topics that will be discussed on the day include creating a future-oriented company to attract the best talent, empowering talent to be future leaders, considerations to make when growing teams, and the key differences between hiring for different seniorities.

The first panel discussion to tune into will be the “Gen Z Talent Insecurity” session and will include tips on what “security” means today and how it has changed, ESG and creating an inclusive environment, and empowering talent to be the leaders of tomorrow.

A case study will follow called “Counting the Cost: How Businesses Risk a Post Pandemic Talent Drain,” and will explore “the value of a strategic HR function in boosting a business’s bottom line and, in turn, the economy.”

This session will be of interest to firms that might have neglected their people strategy due to operating in crisis mode over the pandemic and will explore the risks of this approach including the possibility of a talent exodus, damaged employer brand, declined productivity, and reduced business performance.

There will also be a fireside chat entitled “Upscaling organisations and the necessary steps to be taken for success”, topics that will be covered include considerations when growing teams and essential skills for different roles, diversity for smaller teams, matching technical competencies with character and personality, and differences to consider when hiring for senior and junior employees.

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