A new tool to support employees’ return to work

It's not always easy to get back to work after a long break: a new tool helps employees

Working life can be marked by unexpected events such as pregnancy, illness or bereavement, especially during a pandemic. These changes can lead to employees taking significant time off work, and the return to work can be very stressful and discouraging.

To help companies that don’t know how to deal with this situation or don’t have the human resources available, The Bot Platform has created The ‘Reboarding Assistant’. The innovative tool connects to existing communication tools, such as Workplace from Meta or Microsoft Teams, and broadcasts messages directly to selected colleagues to welcome them to the office. 

It also provides returnees with all the information they need to reintegrate, any updates they may have missed and any training required. According to the CIPD, employees are more likely to return to work safely and productively after a long absence if they are well supported during their absence and on their return. 

The ‘Reboarding Assistant’ provides returnees with a personalised assessment and helpful support for the most appropriate reasons for extended leave, such as bereavement or illness. Depending on the reason for the absence, the bot will follow different channels to inform staff of relevant information. 

To retain working mothers

An often-cited study indicates that over a third of working mothers felt so isolated and unsupported when they returned to work that they wanted to quit, with only 18% feeling happy and confident in their jobs. This means that employers have a lot to do to retain working mothers

With this tool, mothers returning from maternity leave will be informed about flexible working policies, childcare benefits and partners, local mums and new parents groups, office pumping locations, etc.

The Bot platform is an important support of communication to employees without being intrusive, especially as it can be difficult to open up after a painful period. If employees are having difficulties, the bot can be programmed to frequently check on team members as they settle in, allowing staff to ask for help at any time. 

The award-winning employee experience platform has been endorsed by companies such as Coca-Cola and Samsung and has provided the tools to deliver a better employee experience. It was also chosen as one of the UK’s 50 fastest-growing start-ups by the Mayor of London’s office and is an official partner of Microsoft Teams and Meta Workplace.

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