PensionBee has launched new work experience programmes

Initiative aims to break down barriers for students with diverse backgrounds

Leading online pension provider PensionBee has extended its collaboration with local communities by developing new work experience and technology learning programmes. 

The training is designed to break down barriers to entry for students who previously considered the financial services and pensions sector closed to them. PensionBee’s new initiatives broaden the participation of underrepresented groups in fintech and uphold its commitment to inclusive recruitment practices.

Finding a career

PensionBee partnered with Makers to launch its two-year tech apprenticeship programme this summer. The programme offers applicants a 12-week coding intensive internship before receiving on-the-job training with the PensionBee team. Applicants are not required to have prior experience or a degree in computer science.

The first high school students to participate in the work experience programme are currently enrolled in two inner-city public schools, Skinners Academy and Central Foundation School. They visited PensionBee’s offices throughout July 2022 to gain vital insight into working life and learn about the range of roles in the pensions sector.

PensionBee has also begun working with Birkbeck University to help higher education students find careers that suit them. Whilst, Priyal Kanabar, PensionBee’s Head of Engagement, recently led an interactive session on problem-solving in business and financial services at Birkbeck University’s Careers Summer Bootcamp. He aimed to share his experience of the opportunities in the sector with anyone, regardless of degree or background.

Overall, this new work experience programme builds on the work done with local schools as a signatory to the Social Mobility Commitment.

Diverse backgrounds

Although the financial services sector is traditionally not very diverse, PensionBee has always been committed to opening positions to people from diverse backgrounds. Before this recent initiative, PensionBee began working with local state schools through the Careers and Enterprise Company and has held an Enterprise Advisor position for Langdon Park School in Poplar, East London, since 2020. 

Throughout 2021, PensionBee delivered financial and career education sessions at several London schools, including Our Lady’s Catholic High School in Hackney, City & Islington College and Stepney Green Maths and Computing College. 

Role models

Clare Reilly, PensionBee’s Head of Engagement, said: “At PensionBee, we know that the right motivation is often more important than experience when recruiting, and we are committed to investing heavily in training so that all of our team members start with the same understanding of the pensions industry.”

She concluded: “By focusing on the next generation of workers, we intend to challenge preconceptions or barriers to entry in certain sectors and provide much-needed role models for young people in the workplace.”

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