How can employers attract the best talent

Four priorities will enable companies to meet the needs of their staff

In this post-COVID-19 era, a survey conducted by the technology company Andiamo showed that companies would need to provide a clear mandate to their employees. 

To succeed in the highly competitive technology talent market, businesses must focus on the following four priorities:

1 – Focus on flexibility, not just remuneration 

While offering competitive compensation is still essential, it is no longer a safe bet for attracting and retaining top talent. Workers of all ages, career levels and gender identities are very interested in being able to choose where they work. Indeed, a compulsory return to the office will undoubtedly lose them talent, allowing smart companies offering more flexible working options to attract the best talent.

2 – Create truly inclusive cultures, not just cultures labelled as such 

Almost all organisations in the technology sector claim to be inclusive, but the survey found that a large proportion is not delivering on this promise. Almost a fifth of respondents under 44 have experienced discrimination at work. 

Change starts at the top, but actual implementation occurs at the management level. So ensure that managers and team leaders receive thorough training on inclusion, including how to use inclusive language, avoid microaggressions and ensure that every voice is heard. The reward will be better retention, increased employee engagement and improved employer branding.

3 – Rethinking retention by rethinking the way work is done 

Unfortunately, the survey revealed that high staff turnover is a given in today’s market. After all, if around 30% of workers are looking to leave the company, even if they are happy or well-paid, employers must assume that they will lose a significant proportion of their staff, even if they focus on retention. Consider using project teams of a small core of full-time employees and managers to mitigate knowledge loss and address turnover before it becomes a critical issue.

4 – Improve gender balance by expanding benefits

Technology companies and teams are still dominated by men, despite the best efforts of organisations, but offering benefits that support work-life balance can be a powerful lever to help change this. Consider offering benefits such as flexible working locations and hours, as well as child or elder care allowances, for maximum effectiveness. By ensuring that women have the flexibility and support to manage their responsibilities outside of work, you can attract more women into technology roles – and help you retain those you already have.

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