RightTrack Learning course offers role play and group interaction in unconscious bias training

The session offered delegates the chance to share their reactions towards bias-related situations

DiversityQ took part in an unconscious bias training course provided by RightTrack learning, a learning and development solutions provider with three decades of experience in providing workplace support.

The course is designed to help people minimise the chances of unconscious bias occurring, which can happen in everyday social interactions when people are treated differently based on their characteristics such as their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and more.

The course, which is regularly updated, is also designed to raise awareness of bias stereotypes, including “assumptions and micro-behaviours from the unconscious to the conscious level.”

Because unconscious bias affects everyone, organisations will be shut out from leading cohesive teams and better productivity, creativity, and talent retention if they don’t tackle the problem, where RightTrack’s recent course provided engaging and insightful learning opportunities for delegates.

The three-hour session, which was guided by a RightTrack Learning specialist, involved role-play between two actors which allowed for interaction from the delegates who spoke about what they had heard, how it made them feel, and how they would have handled the situation. The course provided a unique learning environment where attendees could listen to the thoughts of others, uncover the different types of unconscious bias, as well as what can be done to change perceptions and re-frame thinking.

Attendees were also encouraged to contribute their personal and professional experiences, allowing them to create a personal action plan to drive positive change.

Claudia Cooney, Lead Director at RightTrack Learning, said: “Unconscious bias training has had a lot of bad press recently with claims that it doesn’t work. But surely, in the same way, that buying trainers and going for a run doesn’t make us marathon-ready, a dose of unconscious bias training is unlikely to be the panacea to eradicate discrimination, bias, stereotyping, and exclusion.

“Transformation takes time and commitment. Raising awareness of unconscious bias through training is an important step on the journey to building a more inclusive culture.”

Paula Whelan, Head of ED&I at RightTrack Learning added: “Through clever scriptwriting and goosebump-inducing delivery, the topic of unconscious bias is bought to life, literally.

“We are very passionate about championing change in the workplace. This training offers a real opportunity to understand what unconscious bias is and how it impacts our engagements, interactions, and decision-making. It provides a positive platform from which individuals can begin to shine a light on their own biases and take steps to make positive changes in their workplace”.

RightTrack Learning’s unconscious bias training is available in various formats including (government guidelines allowing) face-to-face, live virtual, conferences, and events, or as a webinar. For more information, visit their website here.


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