New AI talent sourcing tool to boost diversity in the hiring pipeline

Using algorithms, the talent sourcing tool can add missing skills to candidate profiles and optimise job requirements for diversity

US-based AI-powered talent sourcing and diversity solutions provider Talenya has released a fully automated talent sourcing tool that will allow recruiters to spend more time on human interactions.

Engagement AI™ will help firms source the best talent amid a competitive job market. According to its creators, it “saves hours of work by automatically sourcing and contacting potential candidates, allowing more time for interviews and connection.”

The new tool is the product of four years of work by Talenya’s data scientists, who developed the GDPR-compliant technology to enable talent acquisition teams to fully automate talent sourcing, focusing on diverse talent.

Engagement AI™ aims to increase candidate engagement by optimising responses from “passive job seekers” by taking job descriptions from a company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to create an automated search. Once potential candidates are identified, Engagement AI™ automatically reaches out to hundreds of top candidates and invites them to schedule an interview with the company. Interested candidates are pushed into the company’s ATS for the recruitment team to follow up.

Engagement AI™ can create new candidate searches based on pro-diversity hiring goals. Crucial to this is Talenya’s patented algorithms that add missing skills to candidate profiles and optimises job requirements for diversity. This is where Talenya’s Diversity AI™ technology comes in, which will design the talent search accordingly and prioritise candidates by their diversity category, overall match score, and propensity to change jobs.

Talenya’s algorithms can predict the chances of candidates changing jobs with 83% accuracy by analysing career patterns, hiring patterns, and social signals. Talenya will also immediately contact qualified candidates as soon as a high likelihood of changing jobs is identified.

Talenya CEO and Co-founder Gal Almog said: “Our clients were telling us loud and clear – we need more interviews! The only way to improve the recruitment pipeline at scale is to automate the labour-intensive parts of the sourcing process with AI while optimising candidates for quality.

“Today, recruiters manually reach out to candidates for each role only to receive a few responses. About 63% say that talent shortage and engagement from candidates is their biggest problem. Talenya’s Engagement AI™ converts ‘passive’ candidates into applicants without the extra work by optimising and fully automating the process.”
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