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The upcoming WIT USA Summit will cover key topics including neurodiversity, burnout, trans and non-binary inclusion and more

Following the US star-studded Women in IT Awards in September comes the Women in IT Summit US Edition, where delegates are invited to attend on October 13, 2021.

The free-to-attend Summit presented by DiversityQ in association with Information Age is the perfect opportunity for women working in technology, their allies, and industry employers to take stock of the changes in the sector this year and what still needs to be done to make the world of tech a more equitable and innovative space for all.

Like all business sectors, tech hasn’t been spared the impact of global social justice movements, where equity-minded leaders and the wider workforce will have to engage with often uncomfortable topics directly if they want to create and maintain equitable and fair workplaces.

The event will be a safe space to discuss such topics, including inequities in the tech sector and the impact of microaggressions and how they manifest in the tech space, self-checking your behaviour, and creating a platform to engage with conversations about racial equity.

For attendees interested in cognitive diversity, there will be a live Q&A session on neurodiversity in the tech sector, exploring why neurodivergence talent representation is so low. Designing tech that is accessible and inclusive to this talent pool will also be explored.

There will also be a panel discussion about the highly important topic of ‘Transgender & Non-Binary Inclusion in Tech’ and recruitment barriers and inclusion issues in the workplace.

Later on, there will be a talk on the changing leadership styles to suit a more diverse and inclusive age. The ‘Introducing the New Face of Good Leadership’ session will cover the decline of “traditional” leadership characteristics such as “controlling, authoritative and opaque leadership” traits favouring more empathetic approaches.

There will also be an exclusive masterclass session entitled ‘Burnout 101: Being Proactive in a Hybrid Working World’ where employers will gain tips on spotting the symptoms of burnout, prioritising wellbeing, and protecting and caring for vulnerable employees.

To find out more about the Women in IT USA Summit and register for your free place, click here.

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