Pro diversity career platform gets increased attention from employers

The recruitment platform has experienced a 500% boost in engagement from last year, a career platform that allows employers to advertise their jobs to a diverse community, has experienced a 500% boost in figures from last year, signifying that employers are becoming more aware of the need to recruit from a more diverse talent pool.

“More and more employers from the widest breadth of sectors are reaching out to, and by doing so, actively prioritising diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices,” said Co-founder Cynthia Davis.

“We’re extremely encouraged by the continued growth of our platform. By carving out a space for both the modern job seeker and the progressive employer, we’re working towards a core mission, namely an equitable society for all,” she continued.

On, jobs are applied for by candidates from many diverse backgrounds, experiences, skill-sets, and perspectives, including those from a Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background, LGBT+ talent, and people living with disabilities.

They are currently working with over 800 employers, including several FTSE 100 companies, such as Sky, Aldi, BT, Capital One, Just Eat, and eBay. They have also advertised positions for the House of Commons and Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. The site also offers positions at an extensive and varied range of levels and sectors.

To ensure inclusion forms part of the equation, has a “dedicated customer success team on hand to support the process with a D&I lens, and every job is manually reviewed before publishing.”

So far, the recruitment site has advertised over 10,000 positions for 800+ companies and attracted more than 200,000 job seekers to the site in the last year.

Davis also said: “Diversity on its own can often be approached as a tick box exercise. Inclusion is about
going further and valuing what an individual’s background brings to the table. Diversifying provides the platform for all employers to showcase their diversity and inclusion initiatives and their authentic, ongoing commitment to equality.

“By advertising on, it is a case of actions speaking louder than words. By teaming up with us, employers demonstrate they are genuinely committed to an inclusive culture and understand the benefits that come with allowing people to be their authentic selves at work.”
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