Diversity in the workplace

Code42: why diversity of thought is the key to tech innovation

Code42’s Jadee Hanson explains why a lack of diversity of thought is stifling product innovation in the tech industry.

Stigma around regional accents is hindering social mobility in the UK

Is being on the board unobtainable for working-class Brits? 55% of the UK report a stigma around regional accents, with London ranked the worst.

Backlash against diversity programmes shows the need for a re-think

Without an understanding of unconscious bias, it’s easy to see how resentment can grow around diversity programmes, but the three biggest arguments against these programmes are easily resolved.

The Valuable 500: disability inclusion in businesses campaign takes off

Caroline Casey explains why she started The Valuable 500 and calls on businesses to stop being ‘diversish.’

Diversity and Inclusion: Better inclusion equals a bigger pie for everyone

In this interview, Diana Cruz Solash tells DiversityQ about her plans to transform Infor into a leader in inclusion and diversity by setting the right policies, programmes and culture.

Why diversity and inclusion must be embedded in the culture

Rita Trehan, global strategist, makes a case for building a business culture where diversity and inclusion plays an integral part.

Uber drives diversity through targeting executive bonuses

Ride-hailing company, Uber seeks to increase the number of women and underrepresented people in leadership roles.

Macho madness – getting around the diversity problem of innovation

Innovation has a diversity problem – one borne of macho madness. Alf Rehn, Professor of Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark, explores the impact of macho madness and lack of diversity within the innovation industry and how this can be solved.

How Men in Black relates to inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry

In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organisation.

Business heavyweight Piers Linney named on EMpower’s Ethnic Minority Role Model List for the second year running

Business guru Piers Linney – who starred on TV’s Dragons’ Den – has been named in a list of high-flying role models from ethnic minority backgrounds.