Diversity in the workplace

Macho madness – getting around the diversity problem of innovation

Innovation has a diversity problem – one borne of macho madness. Alf Rehn, Professor of Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark, explores the impact of macho madness and lack of diversity within the innovation industry and how this can be solved.

How Men in Black relates to inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry

In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organisation.

Business heavyweight Piers Linney named on EMpower’s Ethnic Minority Role Model List for the second year running

Business guru Piers Linney – who starred on TV’s Dragons’ Den – has been named in a list of high-flying role models from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Lansons announced as partner of BBC’s 50:50 Project

Leadership teams should reflect the diversity of employees and customers

If the digital revolution is to benefit everyone, we need diversity in tech

The blind spots of the mainly white, male tech industry are becoming increasingly clear.

Johnson & Johnson’s ‘You Belong’ campaign sets the benchmark for D&I communications

Promoting D&I through internal communications: J&J’s ‘You Belong’ campaign leads the way in ensuring staff feel included in the workplace.

How Tim Cook has used Apple to turn diversity into a priority for tech firms

Apple under Steve Jobs was associated with innovation, not diversity. His successor has made it clear he thinks the two are closely linked. 

70% women senior executives use objectivity to make decisions

The Myers-Briggs Company urges businesses to open the door to values-driven perspectives in their leadership teams.

Computer Programming is Second-Fastest Growing Industry for Women

The fastest growing UK industries for women, with transport support, computer programming, and head office management leading the way.