Have you registered for the 2021 Women in IT Summit UK?

The Women in IT Summit 2021 seeks to shift the narrative on equality and representation in tech

On June 23rd, the 2021 UK edition of the ‘Women in IT Summit’ will take place, bringing together inspirational female business leaders who will explain the role diversity plays in business innovation.

What to expect in the 2021 outing

The aim of the Women in IT Summit & Awards initiative, presented by DiversityQ in association with Information Age, is to shift the narrative on equality in the UK tech sector. While London ranked third globally in attracting VC investment last year, female-led and ethnic-minority-led startups still struggle to attract interest. Meanwhile, women and ethnic minority groups remain woefully underrepresented in the tech workforce generally.

Through a series of online discussions, speakers will provide delegates advice on encouraging greater cultural intelligence, collaboration methods, and inclusive actions within tech workplaces.

As well as sharing actionable recommendations, they will discuss how policies and strategies can be redefined to increase diverse representation and inclusivity in the sector. There will also be opportunities for collaboration with key female players in the tech industry through digital networking.

Who’s speaking

Speakers include Ramat Tejani, Founder of The Inspiration Box, a business that offers performance coaching for underrepresented groups in business; she also works as Amazon’s Inclusion & Diversity Programme Lead based in London. Other corporate leaders who will take part in the event include Karen Huish, Head of Retail Banking UKI, Google Cloud, and Jennifer Stanzl, Head of Talent Management UK&I, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

There will also be a fireside chat on how to effectively support your workforce, including the “effects of the virtual world on visibility in the workplace” and “levelling the playing field.” Other topics explored in this session include how the standard 9-5 day no longer exists and how to measure productivity today.

To register a free place for the event, please click here. The Women in IT Awards, UK, will follow on June 24th. To view the shortlist, please click here.

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