GoCo aims to offer most inclusive HR software solutions for SMEs

As DEI become higher priority for firms, GoCo wants to ensure its HR software supports their goals

US-based HR software provider GoCo is providing inclusive HR solutions for DEI-minded organisations; the firm has just announced new features to provide its most inclusive HR software for its SME customers yet.

GoCo – inclusive HR solutions for SMEs

GoCo aims to provide technology and education solutions to help HR professionals and business leaders advance their diversity and inclusion initiatives, these new features include:

  • Gender-inclusive HRIS. HR administrators in GoCo can now flexibly decide if and how they want to collect or display pronouns, legal sex (for benefits administration purposes), preferred names, and more.
  • Racially and ethnically inclusive holidays. GoCo added Juneteenth and Indigenous People’s Day as holidays that HR administrators can optionally add to their company calendar. Custom holidays can also be added to match a company’s own values.
  • Anonymous feedback and harassment reporting. GoCo expanded its acclaimed workflows feature to allow employees to submit workflows anonymously and safely, without fear of retaliation. Some common use-cases include enabling employees to anonymously report sexual harassment or racial discrimination and send anonymous feedback or suggestions to managers or HR. This feature also facilitates two-way conversations between HR, managers, and the anonymous employee, without revealing the employee’s identity.

This news comes two months after GoCo announced its first-ever Hackathon for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion where its entire team spent 36 hours building solutions aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for small businesses.

Allie Collins, Director of Marketing and Head of the DEI Taskforce at GoCo, said: “The last year has been a period of reckoning for small businesses, and a period of awakening for HR professionals who are feeling newly empowered to make profound and meaningful changes to how humans are treated in the workplace. At GoCo, we’re proud and eager to be a part of that change, and these new features are a big step forward in equipping HR with the tools they need to pioneer the next frontier of inclusivity.”

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