Flexible Working

UK PR agency sees 70% growth one year on from four-day work week trial

A Gloucestershire-based PR agency is celebrating a successful year, one year after implementing a four-day working week, without cutting staff pay.

The single-mother conundrum: time for businesses to take note

With the number of single mothers in the workforce at its highest level since the initial years of this century, the question experts are asking is whether the trend is due to macroeconomic factors or true cultural change.

Agile working – is this viable for your flexible business?

Is it time for more businesses to embrace flexible working? And is flexible working right for all companies?

Millennials are the hardest employees to engage, say HR

Almost half (48%) of HR professionals say millennials make up the majority of non-desk workforces, but 32% consider them the hardest group to engage.

Public Sector organisations continue to lead the way in flexible working according to new survey

A new survey by softworks shows that Public Sector organisations continue to lead the way in flexible working.

Global trends report: AI, gender and “always-on” culture in the workplace

Why mothers make excellent employees

Tasneem Abdur-Rashid explains why mothers should be valued and respected in the workplace

How to better support working parents

Here are six ways to cater to the needs of working parents

Executives Driving Gender Equality – Flexible Working Think Tank

A four day week is not the gender equality quick fix that it seems

In this weeks column, Julia Rampen explores proposals for a four day week and asks who benefits whilst inequalities in domestic life persist?