Flexible Working

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A data-driven approach can help identify employees falling victim to e-presenteeism in lockdown, explains TrueCue.

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Remote working is not as doom and gloom as you may think

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, more people across the world will be remote working than ever, but how can you make the best of it?

e-days partners with Doctor Care Anywhere providing virtual GP services

New virtual GP services first of its kind to link absence management systems to on-demand medical healthcare and advice.

Preparing the workforce as flexible working goes viral

Chris Parke, CEO of Talking Talent, shares top-tips on how to provide employees with clear and supported flexible working practices.

Working from home – how to facilitate the movement

Working from home has risen globally by 159% since 2005, and amid the COVID-19 outbreak, it has surged in popularity.

Gender bias in employment benefits holding back women in tech

Flexible working is the most-desired employment benefit for women in the tech industry, but the stigma attached is having a negative impact on work-life balance and career progression.

Is the four-day week a realistic flexible working option for businesses?

Know Your Money’s Nic Redfern, looks at the feasibility of a four-day-week as flexible working becomes the norm.

Redefining processes to meet the needs of your modern workforce

Ignoring the needs of the modern workforce is no longer an option for progressive workplaces, explains Nelson Sivalingam, CEO at HowNow.