e-days partners with Doctor Care Anywhere providing virtual GP services

New virtual GP services first of its kind to link absence management systems to on-demand medical healthcare and advice.

Employees can now access virtual GP services via their company’s absence management system, following a partnership between e-days, the leader in global absence intelligence, and Doctor Care Anywhere.

As Coronavirus spreads, GPs up-and-down the country are under immense pressure to meet the rising demand for face-to-face doctors’ appointments.

The partnership between Doctor Care Anywhere and e-days will enable companies to link employee absence data and employee wellbeing to provide virtual GP services to get them well more quickly.

Targeted virtual GP services

For the first time, employees will have access to targeted virtual GP services 24/7, via video or telephone-based consultations, exactly when and where they need them, using any device.

This extends e-days’ existing offering to businesses, which includes absence logging, tracking, trending, alerts and referrals, reporting and sickness case management; and allows Doctor Care Anywhere to field hundreds of calls per day, relieving pressure on the NHS.

“Our purpose is to make people’s lives better, and we are already working with almost one million people,” said Dr Kate Bunyan, Chief Medical Officer at Doctor Care Anywhere.

“This e-days partnership is a unique and exciting proposition enabling us to support their clients with medical assistance and routes to faster recovery.

“The more we can offer employees, the less the pressure on organisations like the NHS. This is a huge step for employee wellbeing.”

Employee wellbeing

Steve Arnold, CEO of e-days, commented: “Our mission is to provide companies with a comprehensive, full lifecycle solution, that maximises their ability to manage employee wellbeing proactively. This partnership with Doctor Care Anywhere opens the door to meaningful and convenient ‘in-absence’ care for employees.”

He added: “We believe all companies should have the tools and data points they need to take control of their employee wellbeing programmes impactfully. Data is key to this, and very few companies can tie together their wellbeing programs with accurate absence data; e-days is fast becoming the centralised hub that brings together multiple employee wellbeing initiatives.”

Doctor Care Anywhere offers reassuring support, advice and the tools needed to take care of an individual’s health, at the touch of a button. Its virtual GP services seamlessly integrate with e-days absence management and tracking platform, providing employees with unplanned absence guidance to help them recover more quickly. Its virtual GP services offer timely treatment and advice without the traditional stigmas around workplace wellbeing. Doctor Care Anywhere is already handling up 400 appointments per day.

“We all know that employee wellbeing is such an important topic, more than ever at this time,” added Arnold. “We’re delighted to be working Doctor Care Anywhere and together we aim to firmly prove the impact that virtual GP solutions can have to improve employee wellbeing. Currently, there’s a massive gap between the great intentions companies have and the reality of their wellbeing offerings. We believe this partnership makes it a reality.”

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