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Your chief diversity officer is likely leaving

Or they have already left…

Korn Ferry: reading the future of work

Korn Ferry answers the questions on every CEO’s mind — along with some insightful best guesses on the future of work

Pay cuts in the time of COVID-19? At your discretion

It’s not just pay cuts but the way key rewards are determined that may become a lasting legacy of the coronavirus

Why is Black talent ‘opting out’ of corporate America?

The Black talent exodus: will the current climate force corporate America into action to stem the tide?

Is COVID-19 helping to fight racism in the United States?

Korn Ferry’s Andrés Tapia says the pandemic, as horrible as it has been, may be creating conditions that make people care more about racism.

Including everyone on the journey

Why leaders need to be humble, self-aware, and inclusive in this new, uncertain era, according to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison.

Will Pay Be Restored? Fingers Crossed

A new Korn Ferry survey shows leaders are optimistic that they won’t have to keep reducing worker pay—and may even be able to restore it.

Being a true white ally against racism

White CEOs are saying the right things now but taking some key bold actions may make this moment stick, says Korn Ferry D&I strategist Andrés Tapia.

Hear Me: Stories from Black Executives

From being denied promotions to getting accosted at airports, African Americans relay what happens to them that doesn’t to others …

8 ways corporate leaders can address D&I right now

Experts say CEOs and board directors have considerable power to make positive change.