Netcompany plans to hire 30 digital staff

Netcompany experiments with recruiting diverse talent in a single day

As part of its sponsorship of the Leeds Digital Careers Festival and its commitment to making a difference and contributing to a fairer society, IT company Netcompany will launch ‘Hired in a day’, an innovative, fast-track and inclusive recruitment initiative. 

During the Leeds Digital Careers Festival on the 15th of September, Netcompany will be providing jobs to 30 candidates. The positions will be open to early careers, those returning to technology and established talent. 

In terms of its strategy and commitment to diversity and inclusion, Netcompany sees ‘Hiring Day’ as an innovative way to enable candidates from all backgrounds and experience levels to join the company.

Recruitment standards

The applicants will experience a complete end-to-end recruitment process, from the initial interview to the job offer, in just four hours. This will be achieved by carefully coordinating administrative procedures without reducing the company’s rigorous recruitment standards. 

Deepa Nair, Head of Talent at Netcompany, said: “We have made the process as simple as possible. Candidates can simply come to the Netcompany stand at the Leeds Digital Careers Festival with an updated copy of their CV or LinkedIn profile. Our recruitment team will shortlist candidates based on vacancies and their suitability to work in the UK. 

“Candidates who meet our qualification criteria will be taken to a private interview room to meet a recruitment manager and leave an hour or two later with a job offer in hand.”  

Netcompany is a key sponsor of the Leeds Digital Careers Festival (LDCF), which runs from 12-16 September and is also part of Leeds City Council’s Future Talent Plan. Since expanding to Leeds in 2018, the city has become the largest delivery hub for the company. 

Richard Davies, UK Country Manager for Netcompany, added: “This move underlines our commitment to Leeds and its growing pedigree for innovation, business, investment and skills.”

To accelerate growth, Netcompany plans to invest in the region while continuing to develop a skilled and diverse talent pool for the future.

Davies concluded: “We are committed to bringing new ideas to the local digital job market, creating rewarding opportunities for technologists from all backgrounds to join us in exciting careers in IT. I look forward to welcoming these new Leeds-based colleagues to the Netcompany family.”

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