Morgan Stanley accelerates social mobility for London’s Youth

New 'Advancing Futures' programme to provide a career path for ethnically diverse students

Investment Banking Morgan Stanley has launched the Morgan Stanley Advancing Futures programme to accelerate social mobility for ethnically diverse students from lower socio-economic backgrounds across London.

It is designed to support students aged 16-18 and help them develop the skills needed to achieve their career ambitions through coaching sessions with Morgan Stanley employees.

What is the commitment? Over the next 12 months, 300 Morgan Stanley Vice Presidents will act as one-to-one coaches and supportive role models to 300 London-area students. They will share each of them with tools and strategies that can lead to a successful career path of their choosing.

“It is a critical priority for us as a firm to reduce barriers to entry and address inequitable career opportunities for young people from underserved communities,” said Gabrielle Lyse Brown, Morgan Stanley’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion, EMEA. 

Develop network 

She also explains that this programme is a unique opportunity to develop their network.“Morgan Stanley’s Advancing Futures programme aims to promote social equity by offering a unique pathway for students to achieve personal and professional success through a meaningful and long-term support network.”

The programme will help participants build meaningful connections with Morgan Stanley employees, who can provide guidance and advice. Morgan Stanley Advancing Futures graduates will become part of Arrival Education’s Talent Network, where they can obtain further career development support and opportunities.

To reach the right targets and build an effective solution, Morgan Stanley has partnered with Arrival Education, an inclusive leadership and talent programme consultancy which works closely with diverse and socially-mobile communities, to identify the first cohort of students. 

Build confidence 

“We are delighted to be working with Morgan Stanley on such a pioneering programme,” said Emily Shenton, Arrival Education’s Co-Founder. “The impact of a coaching experience like Advancing Futures on the young talent we work with is so significant. It builds confidence and life skills and hopefully sets them on a career path they may not otherwise have thought possible. We can’t wait to see the outcomes and hear the success stories.”

The Advancing Futures initiative is championed by the bank’s Institute for Inclusion through its Equity in Education and Career Consortium, a social development partnership funded by an initial commitment of $20 million.

The aim is to address systemic inequalities in education and careers for young adults from ethnically diverse and low to moderate-income backgrounds. The programme extends the bank’s deepening efforts in offering financial support, internships and mentoring to students from underserved backgrounds through initiatives including the Morgan Stanley Future Generation Scholarship and the HBCU Scholars Program in the US.

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