Getty Images and UK Black Pride partner on LGBT+ celebration

Getty Images will further media exposure of UK Black Pride's 'Love and Rage' event

Getty Images and UK Black Pride, an organisation that furthers inclusion for LGBT+ people from African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Caribbean backgrounds, have partnered to increase exposure for its upcoming virtual pride celebration entitled ‘Love and Rage’.

Getty Images and UK Black Pride partner on LGBT+ pride event

UK Black Pride’s virtual weekend will take place from July 2nd to July 4th at the Roundhouse in London. Getty will use its team of photographers and videographers to cover the programme of events and make the video and imagery it captures free of charge for the media to encourage exposure. UK Black Pride will also leverage Getty Images’ editorial talent and channels to amplify community voices.

Coverage will include video and images from the live performances, behind the scenes and portrait studio imagery and sound bites and interviews with the organisers.

Getty Images will showcase the event across a variety of its owned channels, including a UK Black Pride takeover of the global @gettyimages Instagram handle during the event.

The partnership follows other commitments made by Getty Images to support the representation of the LGBT+ community such as their work with US LGBT+ organisation GLAAD where they published guidelines for authentically depicting the community.

Lady Phyll, co-founder and executive director of UK Black Pride said: “Each year, we put on our stages a selection of some of the best and brightest talent across our communities and this year will be no different. The support of Getty Images in capturing UK Black Pride 2021 means the vibrancy, talent, and passion of the communities we represent will be immortalised and easily-accessible for journalists, who are increasingly interested in LGBT+ communities of colour – and our contributions to the modern LGBT+ movement.”

Lisa Marie Rae, Senior Director Entertainment at Getty Images added: “We are incredibly proud to partner with UK Black Pride and support them in amplifying the voices of their community via our global platforms. This partnership is one more important action for the commitment we have made to support underrepresented storytellers and communities. We are excited to capture the celebrations as they unfold.

“Our Visual GPS research tells us that only 22% of people in the UK see LGBT+ people represented regularly, and when they do, the representations remain narrow and stereotypical. That is a big issue the media and advertising industries need to address and we are committed to supporting them in doing this by creating and distributing more representative imagery of this community.”

To find out more about the ‘UK Black Pride 2021: Love and Rage’ event, click here. To read Getty Images’ and GLAAD’s guidelines for better representation of the LGBT+ community, click here.
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