The Student Commission on Racial Justice is speaking truth to power

Student Commission provides a platform for students to share their views and experiences on racial justice

The Student Commission on Racial Justice is hosting two online events to give young people a platform to speak out and be heard on issues of racial justice.  

Starting on Thursday, 9 June, from 4 pm to 4:40 pm, the Student Commission will present, for the first time, its new animation entitled: Speaking Truth to Power. This animation explores the struggle for racial justice to date and the actions that still need to be taken to improve the lives of everyone. The commissioners will share their own experiences, examine their work and collaborate with guests. 

The following week, on Thursday, 23 June, from 4 pm to 6 pm, the Student Commission will present its final showcase. This event is an opportunity for stakeholders to hear the Student Commissioners present their findings and recommendations and engage directly with them. Once again, they will share examples of implementing their racial justice action plans.

Express their voices

The initiative was launched in response to the tragic death of George Floyd, killed by police in Minneapolis, which sparked “Black Lives Matter” protests around the world, including in the UK. Young people across the country said that racial justice was one of the most important issues for their generation. 

Work collectively 

To help them express their voices, Leaders Unlocked launched the 2020 Student Commission to provide a platform for students to work collectively to address racial injustice through social action. They also work with national stakeholders to implement their recommendations in societal sectors such as education, employment, health and police and justice. 

For the 2nd edition this year, Leaders Unlocked brought together 11 leading colleges and over 40 of their students from across England. The colleges involved in the Student Commission partnership are: Barnsley College, Bedford College, BMet College, City College Norwich, DN Colleges Group, Kirklees College, Leyton Sixth Form College, London South East Colleges, Long Road Sixth Form, New City College and The Sheffield College.

About Leaders Unlocked? 

The organisation empowers young people to have a stronger voice and take action on the issues that affect their lives: in education, policing, health, justice and beyond. It helps organisations engage the people who matter and shape decisions for the better.

For more information about Leaders Unlocked, please visit: Leaders Unlocked.

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