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Women in the automotive industry: Ford UK targeting the gender pay gap

Ford UK has diversity and inclusion firmly in its headlights, from enhanced maternity and paternity packages to diversity councils at local and national level.

ONS figures reveal an Ethnicity Pay Gap far worse than the gender gap

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal the latest Ethnicity Pay Gap figures – the disparity in pay for different ethnic groups across the UK.

Gender pay gap has halved in the last 20 years

The current gender pay gap is only half of what it was 20 years ago. That is according to an analysis of salary data by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo)

Negotiating techniques to tackle the gender pay gap

Rachel Massey, Director of Communications and negotiation expert at Huthwaite International, discusses how to negotiate a pay raise in the gender pay gap climate.

Lawyers seek a change in ‘attitudes’ to tackle workplace gender pay gap

Law firm warns that compulsory gender pay gap reporting is not a ‘quick fix’ for organisations which are struggling with the issue.

Gender pay gap inequality will not close without clear plans, says BITC

Gender pay gap reporting alone is not enough and should include a clear narrative and action plan with time-bound targets.

Why employers should care about the gender pay gap

Clare Parkinson, Pay and Reward expert at HR consultancy Croner, looks at why employers should care about the gender pay gap.

UK employees running out of patience with gender pay gap

Glassdoor reveals a UK gender pay gap still exists, but is slowly shrinking

Six ways to help bridge the gender pay gap in the UK

Organisations must be proactive about bridging the gender pay gap