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Black Girl Finance: challenging the lack of ethnicity pay gap reporting

We all already know about the impact of gender pay gap but what happens when we add on the intersectionality of race?

Asda reveals their most recent gender pay gap data

ASDA reveals an improved gender pay gap for the third-consecutive year; while equal pay disputes continue to play out in the UK supreme court

Lost on starting with ethnicity pay gap reporting? Gapsquare is here to help

Reporting on your organisation’s ethnicity pay gap may not be required by the Government, but is required for success

Lloyds becomes the first major bank to publish their ethnicity pay gap

Lloyds Banking Group reveals that its black staff are being paid nearly 20% less than their colleagues in new report

Equal Pay Day: gender pay gap closes but for how long?

Equal Pay Day may be later this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic could still have an impact on equal pay progress

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the gender pay gap

What employees prioritise after the COVID-19 pandemic is changing, and the gender pay gap is widening along the way

FDM Group celebrates gender pay gap triumph for another year

Companies risks widening the gender pay gap during the coronavirus pandemic, but FDM Group will not be one of them.

Zurich leads the charge publishing 2020 ethnic minority pay gap figures

Ethnicity pay report just the start of a sustained effort to support ethnic minority employees at insurance firm

Ethnicity pay gap reporting – A walk across the minefield

As an employer and as a provider of payroll and HR solutions, Jeff Phipps is curious about ethnicity pay gap reporting. Here is why…

Why failing to talk about race is fuelling the ethnicity pay gap

It has long been taboo to discuss ethnicity, yet change can only come about once we have these conversations.