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50 Years on from the Equal Pay Act, why is there still a gender pay gap?

As we reach the 50th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, a report suggests that the gender pay gap will not close for another 60 years.

Why the gender pay gap is at risk of widening once more

As researchers warn COVID-19 could widen the gender pay gap, many companies show no commitment to tackling the gap.

Has the progress on the gender pay gap been lost?

A report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has unearthed worrying truths about the gender pay gap during the lockdown.

The diversity dilemma of COVID-19: the gender pay gap during the pandemic

Female workers across the world are putting their health on the line to battle COVID-19, but what is being done for them?

Government halts gender pay gap reporting during COVID-19 outbreak

Enforcement of the gender pay gap reporting deadlines suspended for this year as businesses manage impact of COVID-19.

Unilever launches data service to ease Gender Pay Gap reporting

Launch of a new data analytical service set to take the strain out of Gender Pay Gap reporting for other employers.

CBI urges firms to reveal ethnicity pay gap data

New CBI guide shares key recommendations on how companies of all sizes can ‘Bridge the Gap’ in ethnicity pay.

Data Innovators join forces to launch ‘Fast-Track Gender Pay Gap’ service

New fast track analytics services makes it easier for companies to comply with UK gender pay gap reporting legislation.

General Election 2019: rival parties set out plans to tackle gender pay gap

Labour pledges to accelerate measures to close the gender pay gap by 2030, while Lib Dems sets sights on ‘pink tax’.

Conservative Peer seeks mandatory disability pay gap reporting

Conservative Peer calls on the Government to force businesses to publish their disability pay gap, following on from gender and ethnicity.