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A-levels, Gender and STEM 2018

We asked experts from across the STEM industries to give us their insights into what the 2018 A-levels results are telling us about the future of STEM.

Embedding Diversity in the Organisation

The third of our Agility Through Diversity films

Diversity is the answer to the UK’s engineer shortage

The Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Diversity and Inclusion manager on why diversity is vital to solve the industry’s massive skill shortage.

Diversity recruitment strategies

This is the second part of a three-part series, taken from an interview with Gemma Lloyd, co-founder of UK /Australian job platform Work180.

Insurance gender pay gap data published by CII

The CII have published insurance gender pay gap data, and identified an average gender pay gap of 24% (measured as the median hourly difference).

Closing the diversity gap: challenge accepted

Are women better suited for leadership than men?

Why the lack of diversity in AI tech is a mounting problem

Sage’s Vice Prescident of Bots and AI, Kriti Sharma, calls for diversity in AI tech as the sector eyes rapid growth.

Can accelerators challenge brogrammer culture and boost diversity?

Creating more inclusive workplaces using technology