Global employee network leadership programme has free spaces

A digital leadership programme is offering free places to employee network leads

Radius Networks, a global employee network leadership programme, is offering three free places per region on its online course for network leads across the USA, EMEA, APAC, and South America regions.

According to their company website, Radius Networks puts “employee networks at the heart of your organisation and unlock their potential. Working in partnership with you, we’ll help them turn passion into action to transform equity, diversity, and inclusion within your organisation.”

The ten-week course promises to “support your employee network/ERG leaders to create more effective networks that better support their communities wellbeing and sense of belonging while building capabilities and developing diverse future talent.”

Major global organisations have taken part in the programme, including BBC, Bank of America, Disney, NHS, Uber, MasterCard, Zoom, UK Cabinet Office, Vodafone, Facebook, AstraZeneca, IBM, Amazon, and Tesco.

“Our fully digital programme helps leads to upskill, develop their networks and connect with peers across all strands of diversity and cultures. Leads are also able to track and assess their network development thanks to our unique Network Maturity Matrix, which runs alongside the programme,” read a statement from the business.

Attendees can also expect “a host of expert contributors and industry-leading content, research and insights.”

Included in the programme will be:

  • 10 x Self-paced modules (50 mins per week)
  • Live ‘Applied Learning’ close session
  • Weekly live peer networking and Q&A’s (45 mins each week)
  • Huge library of supporting resources and materials
  • Network Maturity Matrix
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certified

Matthew Parsons, Managing Director, Radius Networks, said: “Our digital-first network leadership programme is used by organisations everywhere, including Vodafone, Burger King, Expedia and hundreds more. From setting up and running an effective network to operating a network that influences change, we support leaders at every stage of their journey. Our popular programme has trained network leads across 100 countries, giving them the tools, skills, and confidence to thrive.

“Employee networks and resource groups are the future. Our programme helps organisations elevate their business and support their people by empowering these networks.

“Over 10 weeks, 10 online self-paced modules and supporting resources will help leads create sustainable networks that innovative across their business and better support their communities’ wellbeing and sense of belonging.

“The programme allows organisations to invest in diverse future talent and create networks that evolve alongside the needs of the organisation and people.

“Every network has different aims and objectives. Our programme provides the frameworks and insights to enable leaders to achieve these goals. We help them not only align with D&I but also influence it, driving change from the bottom-up to inspire a purpose-driven culture, where people come together to transform their space of work.

“As a Director of a business working across hundreds of countries, I am passionate about promoting human growth through cross-cultural understanding and helping businesses connect globally across perceived divides. As more of us join the global, digital workspace, this work feels more important than ever.”

The Global Employee Network Leadership Programme launches on June 14th. To find out more about Radius Networks, click here. Course details and delegate feedback can be found here.
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