Forgotten armed forces spouses remembered by Alexander Mann

Talent acquisition and management firm, Alexander Mann Solutions, and Recruit for Spouses support the forgotten heroes: armed forces spouses.

Accent bias exists but people can resist the urge to discriminate

Queen Mary University of London study shows people in positions of power have the capacity to resist accent bias.

3 things to never ask a military veteran in the workplace

Veterans Law Attorney cites critical questions to avoid when interviewing a military veteran for hire in the U.S. to avoid legal landmines – and foster military-friendly employer status.

Could blindfolded interviews be the answer to recruitment bias…

Is the perceived talent shortage actually just a confused recruitment process that is failing a third of new hires?

Good workplace data promotes better HR decisions

In this second interview about his work at the GLA, Human Resources Reward and Operations Patrick Alleyne discusses the importance of having robust workplace data for supporting equality.

Recruiters must leverage their expertise to close disability employment gap

The Government’s target to reduce the disability employment gap to 16% by 2020 is in potential jeopardy, says the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

Using psychometric tests to improve diversity in the workplace

Psychometric tests are increasingly used by large employers such as KPMG and Unilever as part of their recruitment process. Find out why…

Government proposes new protections against workplace discrimination

New anti workplace discrimination proposals bolster broader non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) initiative announced in the summer.

The importance of perfecting culture to attract talent

It is now more important than ever for employers to show that their workplace culture meets the needs and desires of sought-after talent. A veneer won’t do.

More women in tech are key to future-proofing the industry

Canada is on a journey with diversity and inclusion as it strives to tackle recruitment blind spots and bolster more women in tech.