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Race equality: moving from sentiment to action

Co-founder of Race Equality Matters and CEO of diverse recruitment firm Green Park, Raj Tulsiani is making a final call to action to employers as Race Equality Week enters its final few days

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A new Korn Ferry survey shows leaders are optimistic that they won’t have to keep reducing worker pay—and may even be able to restore it.

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Will coronavirus amplify the already existing unconscious bias in the corporate world and in venture capital?

The diversity dilemma of COVID-19: keeping a focus on inclusion

As we begin another week in lockdown Chris Parke, CEO at Talking Talent, reflects on the importance of diversity and inclusion during good and bad times.

Free survey templates to help business ‘do the right thing’

Culture Amp COVID-19 Emergency Response Engagement Survey Templates bring informed decision-making to any organisation.

Only half of BAME and LGBTQ+ women feel included in company decision-making

Straight white men still dominate across all aspects of business decision making, according to Culture Amp global research of over 34,000 employees.

How HR can practically improve inclusivity using data

People analytics is a powerful tool that can aid HR professionals in their recruitment, retention, and culture efforts, say Hibob.

Why the success of workplace inclusion relies on the collaboration of all

Diversity and inclusion specialist Teresa Boughey and author of the book Closing the Gap, explains why collaboration across all levels of an organisation is key to embedding impactful diversity and inclusion programmes.

How dxw digital nurtures a diverse workforce for success

Workplaces should reflect the diversity of the world we live in

How to keep your staff happy and retain them

Employees who are happy and engaged tend to be more motivated at work