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How are parents supposed to teach diversity at home with so few resources? The answer could lie in educational children’s entertainment.

The possible impact of the Black Lives Matter campaign on companies

Henrietta Shirazu explains there are multiple ways to tackle racism in the workplace in the wake of the Black Lives Matters movement

A personal statement from Wol Kolade – Managing Partner, Livingbridge

Racism has many forms in all parts of society; impacting countless lives – including this successful black man living and working in the UK

Hear Me: Stories from Black Executives

From being denied promotions to getting accosted at airports, African Americans relay what happens to them that doesn’t to others …

4 things White people can do to be ‘proactive anti-racists’

Saying “I don’t treat people differently” is not enough. In this day and age, we need to be proactive anti-racists. This is how we do it.