EDGE Empower helps companies change the DE&I landscape

EDGE Empower is a new solution to help HR develop DE&I strategies

To help HR and DE&I teams accelerate DE&I progress, consulting firm EDGE Strategy has launched EDGE Empower, a new SaaS-based DE&I solution. 

This new product combines four specific tools and services into one solution, including the power of the latest technology, expert knowledge and experience, and independent verification and certification. 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, which is why EDGE Insights is at the heart of this solution, building on the previous EDGE strategy tool and providing detailed analyses of an organisation’s gender equality or intersectional equity situation in the workplace. It also provides powerful benchmarking against peers and global EDGE standards and identifies effective action plans to accelerate progress. 


In terms of education, EDGE Insights is complemented by EDGE Knowledge, which offers practical support to DE&I experts based on EDGE’s thinking and practical experience, as well as the latest thinking of EDGE’s Academic and Scientific Advisory Board. 

In addition to sharing knowledge and experience, EDGE connects clients with like-minded professionals through EDGE Connections, a network of DE&I and HR professionals that promotes mutual learning and collaborative idea exchange. 


To ensure that companies are on the right track, organisations’ DE&I progress can be independently verified through EDGE certification, carried out by third-party auditors to provide credibility inside and outside the organisation. It allows all stakeholders to see and share how the organisation is making significant and visible changes in DE&I. 

Aniela Unguresan, the founder of the EDGE Certified Foundation and managing director of EDGE Strategy, believes EDGE Empower has the potential to fundamentally change the DE&I landscape. She explains: “We offer organisations a solution that brings the same discipline and rigour to DE&I that they would apply to any critical business objective. 

“It’s time for organisations to get real, to recognise that the world has moved on, that it’s time to act, and that by doing so, we can make visible changes today.” 

She adds: “Companies are embarking on transformational change, which should not be seen as having a beginning, middle and end, but rather as part of an ongoing journey.

“We provide their employees and potential employees with reliable information to help them make career choices. And we offer the investment community a way to measure DE&I in a way that can be objectively measured and tracked, compared to a global standard, and get independently verified certification.” 

In this article, you learned that:

A new solution called EDGE Empower gives these teams:

  • EDGE offers detailed gender or intersectional workplace equity analysis software for organisations, as well as powerful benchmarking against peers and global EDGE standards,
  • EDGE offers independent verification of organisations’ status through EDGE Certification (conducted by third-party auditors)
  • EDGE gives access to the DE&I expertise of the EDGE Academic and Scientific Advisory Board
  • EDGE gives access to a network of ED&I and HR professionals facing the same challenges
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