HR and talent roles among top growing jobs in UK

Women are dominating chief human resources officer and diversity and inclusion manager hires

HR and talent roles are flooding the jobs market, with female hires dominating as the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the business world take hold.

According to data from LinkedIn, Chief Human Resources Officer, Career Counsellor, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, and Talent Acquisition Specialist are among the top 20 fastest-growing jobs in the UK.

The ‘war for talent’, as people look to change roles, also known as the Great Resignation, has influenced this list, with a fifth of roles included in the top 20 being HR and talent-focused positions – with women accounting for over 70% of Chief Human Resources Officer and Diversity and Inclusion Manager hires.

Changing work styles due to COVID-19 has influenced what talent want from job roles. LinkedIn’s research found that out of the 67% of people in the UK who are considering changing roles in 2022, 29% are after a better work/life balance. However, a desire for an improved salary (37%) remains the biggest factor.

The data also found that UK job candidates are viewing more jobs before applying to them compared to 2019, showing greater candidate empowerment around choice as more available roles crowd the market.

In a jobs market where talent has more options, employers must stand out by showcasing their flexible working policies, inclusive culture, and commitment to employee wellbeing. For businesses looking for this advice, LinkedIn has published its 10th annual Global Talent Trends report, which can be read here.

Janine Chamberlin, Head of LinkedIn UK, said: “After another tumultuous year for businesses, it’s no surprise that HR and Talent professionals are in high demand. People in these roles are playing a crucial part in helping businesses adapt to a new world of work and changing employee priorities and expectations.

“As the labour market tightens and people become more selective about the roles they apply for, companies will need to embrace workplace flexibility, support employee wellbeing and showcase company culture through strong employer branding to attract top talent.”

LinkedIn’s “Top 20 Fastest-Growing Jobs” in the UK, including hiring breakdowns by gender, is below:

Fastest-Growing Roles*% of women hired in 2021% of men hired in 2021
1. Customs Officer53.3%46.7%
2. Machine Learning Engineer19.4%80.6%
3. Import Specialist54.5%45.5%
4. Business Development Representative36.1%63.9%
5. Chief Human Resources Officer73.9%26.1%
6. Site Reliability Engineer12.8%87.2%
7. Sustainability Manager53.3%46.7%
8. Career Counsellor65.0%35.0%
9. Content Designer56.9%43.1%
10. Client Solutions Manager45.0%55.0%
11. Network Planner26.4%73.6%
12. Laboratory Scientist54.1%45.9%
13. Diversity and Inclusion Manager71.3%28.7%
14. Talent Acquisition Specialist52.6%47.4%
15. Salesforce Administrator43.9%56.1%
16. Computer Vision Engineer9.8%90.2%
17. Data Engineer19.0%81.0%
18. Back End Developer12.7%87.3%
19. Public Health Officer66.7%33.3%
20. Vice President Of Products25.9%74.1%

In this article, you learned that:

  • Out of the 67% of people who are considering changing roles in 2022, 29% want a greater work/life balance
  • HR and talent roles are among the fastest-growing roles in the UK
  • Women are dominating Chief Human Resources Officer and Diversity and Inclusion Manager hires
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