Wells Fargo joins ten year mission to create 1 million sustainable roles for Black talent

The financial services firm joins a coalition of nearly 50 US organisations

Financial services giant Wells Fargo has joined OneTen, a coalition of US organisations that improve hiring, retention, upskilling, and career progression for Black and African American talent.

Established in December 2020 by leading executives, its goal is to create “one million family-sustaining careers over the next 10 years,” which will also lead to “more diverse and inclusive corporate cultures” by “ensuring that Black and African American talent” have the “skills and aptitude to achieve success.”

OneTen supports its business members “on a skills-based approach to both source talent for open roles and upskill and promote existing talent within company organisations.”

They also match member companies “with talent developers that will align their working groups to help source candidates for positions.” Members will participate in “quarterly Community of Practice gatherings” where leaders of member organisations will meet to share insights and help each other reach their goals.

OneTen advises member companies to ensure that roles for Black and African American talent are sustainable by identifying “roles that pay a living wage, have a low risk of being automated, do not require a four-year degree, and focus on the applicant’s skill set, demonstrated experience, and ability to execute the role.”

The coalition now comprises nearly 50 organisations; where Wells Fargo will have to determine “the number of jobs, geographic locations, new hires and promotions the company will target as part of the commitment.”

Other OneTen members include Accenture, Deloitte and American Express.

Wells Fargo’s announcement of support follows its company-wide D&I objectives, these include:

  • Increasing recruiting staff for outreach to diverse communities
  • Partnering with senior leaders to enhance focus on recruiting, promotion, and development programmes for diverse talent
  • Expanding participation in national diversity events, along with a commitment to potentially interview and hire on the spot
  • Requiring senior leaders to identify and engage with external diversity-focused organisations related to their line of business or function
  • Increasing focus on skills-based hiring
  • Factoring DE&I metrics into senior leader compensation

Maurice Jones, Chief Executive Officer of OneTen commented: “We are thrilled to have Wells Fargo join the OneTen coalition and embrace our mission to catalyse opportunities for Black talent to grow the United States economy, specifically in the financial services sector.

“At OneTen, we believe that connecting Black talent with family-sustaining careers will transform the prospects of those families, companies and the American project. We look forward to working closely with Wells Fargo to achieve our common goals.”

Carly Sanchez, Head of Talent Acquisition, Wells Fargo said: “Joining this coalition gives Wells Fargo another great resource and partner to reach diversity and inclusion goals in our workforce.

“OneTen brings a unique approach to sourcing talent, and we are looking forward to working with the team to expand employment opportunities and identify a broader pool of talented candidates who are a great match for Wells Fargo positions.”

Kleber Santos, Head of Diverse Segments, Representation and Inclusion at Wells Fargo, added: “As we continue to drive change at Wells Fargo, we are excited to join the OneTen coalition, which can play a significant role in our efforts to advance diversity, equity and inclusion at the company and in the communities we serve. We are looking forward to working with OneTen to find ways to alleviate some of the barriers that hinder advancement.”

To find out more about OneTen, please visit their website.

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