The National BAME Health & Care Awards 2022 – it’s time to nominate your heroes

Nominations are open for the annual awards that celebrate the hard work and resilience of BAME health and social care workers

Join us in celebrating the achievements of UK BAME healthcare staff by nominating those that are going the extra mile in delivering exceptional care in The National BAME Health & Care Awards 2022, where nominations are now open.

Over the last two years, as the NHS has struggled to contain the pressure brought on the system by COVID-19, BAME healthcare workers have continued to work on the frontline despite great personal risk as their communities were more negatively impacted by the virus than others.

Nominate your BAME heroes in British healthcare

While we have found ways to manage the pandemic better, BAME health and social care workers have other battles to fight; ones that existed before the virus and continue to act as barriers to BAME staff in British healthcare. These include harassment and bullying, lack of career progression, and few targeted interventions to help BAME talent reach new heights in the sector.

The National BAME Health & Care Awards highlights BAME role models and services and initiatives to diversify the talent pool in the UK healthcare system. The awards are proud to promote and honour the staff and networks across British health and social care that are aiding BAME career development and forging better healthcare initiatives for underserved BAME communities.

Following the awards in 2021, the winners will have access to peer support and a professional development programme to encourage their further development as leaders in health and social care. This will be the case for 2022’s winners too.

Celebrate the work of this exceptional yet underrepresented group of individuals by nominating a candidate or yourself for the 2022 awards by visiting The National BAME Health & Care Awards site here.

Amplify your support of the awards by using the #BAMEHCA21 and #celebratingexcellence tags across your social media platforms.

Also, expect some great awards-related content from us at DiversityQ where we will feature exclusive interviews with a series of inspirational winners from the fantastic 2021 awards.

To nominate and find out more, visit the National BAME Health & Care Awards website here.

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