Racial Discrimination

Government needs to keep pace with the UK’s increasingly diverse population

Will we ever see equality in the UK Government? Lord John Taylor of Warwick is both patient and optimistic

How do we make police workforce culture anti-racist?

Through review and data sharing a civil investigation could reform racial discrimination in policing

Stop the silence: Our words shape our world, and your voice matters

Shundrawn Thomas speaks out in support of our Asian American and Pacific Islander colleagues and friends

How organisations can use BlackRock’s discrimination case to improve their D&I

Two ex-BlackRock employees have said their experience at the firm was defined by racism and other acts of discrimination. Here’s what other organisations can learn from the scandal

2020’s toll on the workplace

A new report from our WIT Summit USA media partner the Center for Women and Business (CWB), reveals the impact of the pandemic and racial justice crises on workplaces

Is COVID-19 helping to fight racism in the United States?

Korn Ferry’s Andrés Tapia says the pandemic, as horrible as it has been, may be creating conditions that make people care more about racism.

The BAME experience: how to tackle racial harassment in higher education

The EHRC is due to publish its findings from a three-year inquiry into the types of racial harassments experienced in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), this month. You can help the Westminster Higher Education Forum stop racial harassment in the UK’s colleges and universities. Here is how…

Eliminating discrimination one step at a time

Creating a fairer society where people are not treated differently because of the colour of their skin, their sex, gender, sexuality or religion is central to British values.
Protecting people from discrimination is central to achieving that, says the Commons Women and Equality Committee.

Learning about race – Vicky Sandry’s journey to enlightenment

Vicky Sandry, General Counsel, Sky UK and Ireland, believes that the first step to increasing diversity and inclusion is awareness.