Equal Pay

Gender pay gap reporting suspension follows years of falling submissions

Gender pay gap reporting submissions have been falling since 2018, making this year’s delayed deadline a hindrance to equal pay efforts

Asda reveals their most recent gender pay gap data

ASDA reveals an improved gender pay gap for the third-consecutive year; while equal pay disputes continue to play out in the UK supreme court

Where is the progress towards equal pay for older women?

Despite being the generation to fight for the Equal Pay Act, pay equality is nowhere in sight for older women

Equal Pay Day: gender pay gap closes but for how long?

Equal Pay Day may be later this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic could still have an impact on equal pay progress

Inclusion and diversity will be a “cornerstone of success” for Philip Morris International

Signalling that inclusion and diversity are business imperatives, PMI appointed its first Chief Diversity Officer earlier this year

Carrie Gracie leaves the BBC after winning fight for equal pay

As Carrie Gracie leaves the BBC, we are reminded of how she won the battle for fairer pay, but not the war

The Asda equal pay battle continues to the Supreme Court

Equal pay dispute between Asda and its female employees reaches new stage in its development, and reaches the UK Supreme Court.

Will Pay Be Restored? Fingers Crossed

A new Korn Ferry survey shows leaders are optimistic that they won’t have to keep reducing worker pay—and may even be able to restore it.

CBI urges firms to reveal ethnicity pay gap data

New CBI guide shares key recommendations on how companies of all sizes can ‘Bridge the Gap’ in ethnicity pay.

Contentstack: one diverse team, one inclusive dream

Content management system pioneer Contentstack is reaping the benefits of having a diverse workforce, as CEO Neha Sampat reveals.