Boardroom diversity

New programme to produce the diverse boardroom leaders of tomorrow

The “2021-22 NextGen Directors Program” wants to prepare diverse individuals for boardroom roles

Failing gender inclusivity in the UK’s most successful industries

There is little sign of improvement for gender inclusivity in senior roles, tech and accounting industries in the UK

Failing gender inclusivity in the UK’s most successful industries

It’s no secret that a diverse workforce helps create a successful business—so why are so many organisations in the UK not gender-diverse? What needs to be done to change the status quo?

“All white” boards and no plans to change? The problems in smaller listed firms

The UK’s smaller public companies seem untroubled by the whiteness of their boards, where others who are represented appear to lack executive power, according to a new report

US investment firm holds corporates to account on inequality figures

A US investment manager is hitting corporates with resolutions to make them publish their gender and ethnicity pay gap data. Will their investors care?

Diversity and inclusion critical to UK economic recovery – CBI president

55 signatories now committed to Change the Race Ratio campaign

Germany moves to tackle boardroom gender inequality

Germany’s coalition government introduces historic new policy to close gender gap in the country’s boardrooms

Black men: how to change your mindset, escape stereotypes and get ahead

Life Coach Michael Taylor believes ‘Shattering Black Male Stereotypes’ is the fillip to black men progressing in the corporate world

What do a quarter of employers do for boardroom diversity? Nothing

CIPD and Omni call for employers to introduce new strategies in their recruitment processes to improve boardroom diversity

CBI sets out to Change the Race Ratio at the top of British businesses

British businesses are launching a new campaign to increase racial and ethnic participation in senior leadership