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7 ways for women in tech to succeed

Women remain heavily underrepresented in the tech industry worldwide

Enabling more women to thrive in leadership positions in business

Roxana Mohammadian-Molina discusses what could be done to level the playing field and enable more women to thrive in leadership positions.

Mental Health Awareness: workplace wellbeing improves with age

Gender diversity failure hits fund returns

Only 14% of European equity funds have at least one female fund manager. More is needed to achieve true gender diversity across the sector.

Tide to add 100,000 female-led businesses to UK economy by 2023

Poor workplace culture is a silent, but deadly, killer of employee loyalty

Sidelined, ignored or overlooked? Why women in technology need to be more self-assured

Positive action to promote equality in the workplace

Positive action is an important tool in dismantling gender barriers in employment. It is also an underused enabler of widespread equality.

Learning about race – Vicky Sandry’s journey to enlightenment

Vicky Sandry, General Counsel, Sky UK and Ireland, believes that the first step to increasing diversity and inclusion is awareness.

Knowing who is in the building is key to inclusivity at MediaCom UK

Nancy Lengthorn talks about her role as a diversity and inclusion professional at MediaCom UK and provides advice on adopting inclusive practices