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Helping disabled employees to work during the coronavirus lockdown

How do you make adjustments to enable disabled employees to work from home? The Business Disability Forum has the answers.

The diversity dilemma of COVID-19: the gender pay gap during the pandemic

Female workers across the world are putting their health on the line to battle COVID-19, but what is being done for them?

Women in 2019 earnt up to £12,319 less than their male colleagues

Starling reveals how women still earn between £348 to £10,006 less per year than their male colleagues across 25 industries.

Citrix: The benefits of a multi-dimensional talent-led workforce

The ‘talent crunch’ is a hot topic in 2019, and global labour shortages of 85.2 million skilled workers are forecasted by 2030.

Insuring Women’s Futures initiative sparks industry action plan

Insuring Women’s Futures recommendations aim to improve women’s financial resilience and gender equality in the UK.

How to turn national minimum wage challenges into a fillip for D&I

Despite its positive impact on the workforce, the national minimum wage still represents a compliance challenge for many UK employers seeking to build a fairer workplace. Jaspal Randhawa-Wayte, payroll expert and Director at Zellis, highlights the complexity of the rules.

Returners’ Programme helps dxw digital to re-launch careers

dxw digital is piloting a Returners’ Programme to provide opportunities for skilled people to re-enter the workplace after an extended period away. Managing Director David Mann explains why this is good for business and improving diversity.

Is an ageing workforce good for schools?

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures, the population of the UK is getting both larger and older resulting in an ageing workforce.