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The DEI is a benchmarking tool that evaluates whether companies have policies that promote inclusion for disabled groups

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Reporting on your organisation’s ethnicity pay gap may not be required by the Government, but is required for success

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The Black Lives Matter movement has spurred a renewed sense of energy around issues of corporate diversity and inclusion

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Hiring is the first step—onboarding seals the deal. How to show your candidate you appreciate them choosing your company.

Disabled knowledge workers limited by outdated workplace technology

Six in ten disabled knowledge workers say their organisation “talks a good game about diversity without really acting.

Do you have a disabled child or children? Should your employer care?

Suzy Rowland, Founder and CEO of the #happyinschool project, on whether employers should extend benefits to employees with disabled children.

Is an ageing workforce good for schools?

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures, the population of the UK is getting both larger and older resulting in an ageing workforce.