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How to hire people with disabilities: a step by step guide

There are ways to ensure your disability inclusion policy succeeds – ask people with disabilities. Simon Brown and Susan Scott-Parker advise how to hire people with disabilities.

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Workplace DEI efforts excludes intellectual disabilities, and interest is at an all-time high for creating more inclusive environments

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Prioritise accessible communication, psychological safety and inclusive redesign, says industry thought leader Teresa Boughey.

The Valuable 500 reaches new milestone for disabled employees

Over 200 firms now place disability at the heart of their corporate agendas as businesses worldwide embrace the value of the 1.3bn disabled.

Disabled employees are an asset, not a cost

Disability Rights UK CEO highlights the steps that employers need to take to make the workplace inclusive for disabled people.

How to avoid discriminating against disabled employees

We look at how businesses can support employees with disabilities

How to support physically disabled employees

Disability organisation founder Tanya Beaney shares her experience of disability

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Becoming a disability positive employer

Many companies want to do the right thing, but don’t know where to start

Businesses ‘value’ digital accessibility but many don’t implement it

Digital accessibility is understood and supposedly valued by businesses, but many aren’t implementing it properly, leaving disabled users out