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Accenture: breaking the menopause taboo

Sarah Garton talks menopause and Accenture’s steps to support female employees

Accenture: improving diversity and inclusion in technology

Salwa Rafee, global managing director, healthcare security at Accenture, shares the importance of improving levels of D&I in tech

Tech diversity focus: Jacky Fox, Managing Director, Security, Accenture in Ireland

Jacky Fox, Managing Director, Security Lead Ireland at Accenture talks gender diversity in tech before the summit

3 Minutes With: Lisa O’Connor, managing director, Accenture

Ahead of the Women in IT Summit New York, Lisa O’Connor, managing director at Accenture, spoke to Information Age about her part in the event and promoting diversity

Accenture’s Cybersecurity Forum (ACF) Women’s Council

Accenture’s Cybersecurity Forum (ACF) Women’s Council shortlisted for Diversity Initiative of the Year for the Women in IT New York 2020 Awards.

Accenture: What does a culture of equality really look like?

Accenture is on a mission to advance workplace equality and achieve a gender-balanced workforce by 2025. Crucial to its ambitions is understanding gender equality in the workplace.

Accenture: improving diverse recruitment with technology

Professional services company Accenture has harnessed the power of technology for its graduate recruitment, allowing a diverse pool of candidates to showcase their full potential.

Accenture tops Refinitiv Index of World’s most diverse and inclusive companies

Refinitiv announces its index of the World’s Most Diverse and Inclusive Companies, with Accenture topping the list.

Accenture: putting the I before D to bolster potential

Amanda Leacy, head of global I&D for Accenture, talks about the importance of inclusion in the workplace for enabling people to achieve their full potential.

Putting diversity on the tech sector’s agenda

Cultural growth is what’s needed to drive the sector in 2023