What to expect at the Women in IT Summit and Awards Asia

Expect fascinating discussions on multicultural team collaboration and supporting sustainable careers for working mothers

The Women in IT Summit and Awards Asia will take place online on October 26 and will be a fantastic opportunity to hear about the position of women in the region’s tech ecosystem.

Women in IT Summit and Awards Asia – more information

The dual event will be eye-opening for those in the tech industry from outside the region, as according to a study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), women in Southeast Asia account for 32% of employment in the tech sector, well above the global average of 28%.

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region generally stands out for its rapid digitalisation and tech-centric organisational culture, but for the region, like any other, the diversity and inclusion (D&I) journey is ongoing.

During the summit, there will be a presentation entitled “Supporting sustainable careers without sacrificing your personal life,” and will cover topics including how companies can support women wanting to start a family.

Another not-to-be-missed session will be “Building multi-cultural teams across Asia,” including how cross-functional and cross geographical teams are key to helping understand different cultures.

The free-to-attend summit will address the challenges and trends in the region where attendees can expect a plethora of tips, tools, and resources to improve diversity inclusion and productivity within their own organisations.

The awards, are also not to be missed and will inspire attendees by acknowledging the female role models in the region.

It’s time to take a truly global approach to gender inclusion in tech – and get inspired by the similarities and the differences in this fascinating region compared to your own.

To register for the summit and the awards, both taking place on October 26, 2021, please click here.

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