Voya Financial’s concert celebrated National Disability Employment Awareness Month

The investment giant and global disability inclusion organisation Disability:IN, co-sponsored the event

US Investment firm Voya Financial joined with Disability:IN, a global organisation for disability inclusion in business, to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month with a second-annual virtual concert.

The two organisations co-sponsored the virtual event held on October 28th to mark the end of National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Attendees included notable CEOs from Fortune 1000 companies, and several global organisations were represented, including Walmart Inc and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Performers included America’s Got Talent finalist Mandy Harvey and other artists with disabilities. Harvey lost her hearing when she was 18 years old and today serves as an advocate for the deaf and disabled community.

Voya’s support of the concert, which sought to spread messages of positivity about those with disabilities, is a natural progression from its Voya Cares programme that aims to improve the financial wellbeing of disabled people, caregivers and employers via accessible resources.

Voya Financial Chairman and CEO Rodney O. Martin, Jr, said: “We are honoured to collaborate with Disability:IN for the second consecutive year to share Mandy’s positive messaging with the world during National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This special event is part of a broader movement that calls on everyone to play their role in advancing disability inclusion in business.”

Jill Houghton, President and CEO, Disability:IN, added: “We’re marking National Disability Employment Awareness Month with a phenomenal group of talented artists who demonstrate every day that disability is a strength and a source of pride. Along with their allies, these performers know that people with disabilities can and do make tremendous contributions to the workplace and society. Including people with disabilities sends the message that a company is committed to building a diverse culture and sustainable business.”

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