Julia Rampen

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Digital divides in the workplace

Julia Rampen considers the digital divides in the workplace and apps like Slack that are creating virtual offices – but not everyone’s invited

It’s time to stop generalising about “bankers”

Julia Rampen explores the tribes and subcultures that make up the financial services industry and asks if more diversity might reduce risk?

A four day week is not the gender equality quick fix that it seems

In this weeks column, Julia Rampen explores proposals for a four day week and asks who benefits whilst inequalities in domestic life persist?

Sleaze and risk-taking drove the financial crisis – so why haven’t banks embraced #metoo?

Julia Rampen provides her insight on the relationship between banks and the #metoo movement

Employers can stop class discrimination – but first they have to define it

Julia Rampen explores social class and the British workplace and considers how we define social class and how we tackle class-based discrimination.

Forget A levels – it’s aptitude tests that need scrutinising

Julia Rampen asks should we be scrutinising the use of aptitude tests amongst employers and discusses some of the flaws in this approach.