Speaker Spotlight: Meet Wendy Leong

Wendy Leong shares why she is excited to be speaking at the upcoming Women in IT Summit Asia 2023

Wendy Leong, Head of Strategic Solutions working at Influence Solutions, is passionate about helping people to identify and leverage the opportunity that change brings. An experienced keynote speaker, facilitator and executive coach, she brings over two decades of learning and development expertise working with iconic companies like Proctor & Gamble, The Body Shop and Olympus.

She is participating in the upcoming Women in IT Summit Asia 2023 panel discussion on How to overcome talent shortages and optimise multigenerational teams on 28th June. Here is why…

What inspired you to join the Women in IT Asia Summit?

To connect with women (and men!) to learn from their experiences and insights on how I can better support and empower diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Briefly, what will you be speaking about during your session?

I’ll be sharing how organisations can harness the opportunity of multigenerational teams and unlock its true potential to increase innovation, productivity, etc. 

What do you hope delegates will leave with on the day as a consequence of attending?

I hope delegates will leave inspired to take one action, no matter how small, to make a difference in their lives and others. 

Why should someone attend the Summit this year?

Attendees will leave with actionable takeaways, feeling inspired and become part of a trusted community. As someone who has attended this Summit twice, I highly recommend it.  

Hear more from Wendy Leong at the Women in IT Summit Asia 2023 on 28th June. To find out more and register for a place, please click here.

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