Speaker Spotlight: Meet Cassandra Mok

Cassandra Mok shares why she is excited to be speaking at the upcoming Women in IT Summit Asia 2023

Cassandra Mok is a turnaround and transformation consultant with 18 years of professional experience in social, behavioural and organisational change in private, public and NGO/non-profit sectors. She specialises in leadership development and behavioural adoption, focusing on how cohesion between strategy, operations and culture within organisations can result in sustained transformation, particularly in fluid and ambiguous contexts.

Cassandra will be taking part in the upcoming Women in IT Summit Asia 2023 on 28th June. Here is why…

What inspired you to join the Women in IT Asia Summit?
I’ve met a lot of talented women who are founding startups and pursuing careers in tech who are incredibly inspiring. Events such as this allow women to showcase their work and role model how they contribute to an increasingly diverse and inclusive tech sector. 

You are taking part in the Future-ready your tech career in the current challenging times – Think Tank. Very briefly, what will you be hoping to get from the session?
Having a robust dialogue and stimulating new ideas about how companies – decision makers, HR and line managers – can use organisational structures, policies and programs to simultaneously design the future of work and leadership roles being more inclusive.

What do you hope delegates will leave with on the day as a consequence of attending?
Inspiration and the courage to start the conversations and actions in their teams and organisations to genuinely transform how they work and relate with their colleagues.

Why should someone attend the Summit this year?
These events aren’t just for women – but for anyone wanting to be a leader in the tech sector. It is an opportunity to gain new ideas and inspiration and build networks with others.

Hear more from Cassandra Mok at the Women in IT Summit Asia 2023 on 28th June. To find out more and register for a place, please click here.

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