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Lack of D&I confidence among men, older workers and leadership remains an issue

The new report from data firm Dynata revealed that microaggressions remain an issue for ethnic minority workers while other cohorts are fearful of losing their jobs due to D&I

COVID-19 hits employment and pay levels for older workers

Since COVID-19 older workers are more affected by unemployment and take longer to get a job

Older workers: OK, boomer, you’re hired

New USA jobs data suggests businesses may need to take a second look at the often-overlooked 60-plus crowd.

1 in 5 older workers expect to quit to care for family members

The care conundrum: millions of older workers expected to quit jobs to care for adult family members.

Why the EU’s reliance on older workers could pose a problem

Over 85% of new jobs created in the eurozone recently went to older workers. Why that may become a big problem.

Why the future of business is in the hands of older workers

An ageing population means older workers and an ageing workforce; something that is already taking place in workplaces across the UK.

Working from home is not an “easy fix” for the disadvantages faced by disabled workers

It is widely assumed that working from home has positive implications

Where is the progress towards equal pay for older women?

Despite being the generation to fight for the Equal Pay Act, pay equality is nowhere in sight for older women

Britain’s front line emergency workers get mental wellbeing support

87% offers emergency workers free access to mental wellbeing support platform during the COVID-19 crisis.

Calls for more workers to be enrolled in employee share schemes

The Social Market Foundation seeks new target for workers to get shares in their firms via employee share schemes.