Britain’s front line emergency workers get mental wellbeing support

87% offers emergency workers free access to mental wellbeing support platform during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) has partnered with 87%’s team of psychologists to build a fully customised mental wellbeing app specific to the needs of emergency workers and physicians.

Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) has partnered with 87%’s, team of psychologists to build a fully customised mental wellbeing app specific to the needs of emergency workers and physicians.

The launch took place on Friday 3rd April and has already been a great success with over 1,000 medics visiting the platform within the first 24hrs.

The custom-built platform has been created to help RCEM’s 9,400 members manage their mental wellbeing throughout the pandemic, supporting a significant portion of Britain’s front-line emergency workers. It contains custom content, daily interactions, weekly mental fitness reports and a podcast series.

Free access

87% shareholders and the Aviva Foundation have agreed to cover all costs associated with distributing the platform to emergency workers. All Fellows and Members will receive free access to the 87% app for the rest of the year, allowing them to monitor and track their wellbeing.

Commenting on the launch of the app 87% said: “The rapid spread of COVID-19 worldwide is creating unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change in both business and personal lives. This is already having materially adverse effects on mental health. Members of RCEM are literally on the front line putting their lives and mental wellbeing at risk every day for the benefit of society.

“It is critical that during this crisis, mental wellbeing is prioritised alongside physical wellbeing. The 87% vision is simply to improve employee mental wellbeing resilience and indirectly benefit that of society in general.”

Emergency workers wellbeing

“It’s crucial that our colleagues have access to good mental wellbeing support during this time. We are working hard to get some great resources on resilience and mental health into the hands of our Members.” Dr Katherine Henderson, President, The Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

 “We’re pleased to be able to offer this to our members. Their mental health and wellbeing are a priority for the College and is especially important in these challenging times. We are confident that this app will help support them.” Gordon Miles, CEO, Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Small enterprises

In addition to emergency services, 87% is playing its part by offering tangible support to small enterprises, namely those businesses and their employees who are particularly feeling the impact of the current pandemic and often have constrained resources. More than 70 small businesses have already gained free access to the mental wellbeing platform, and the opportunity to register is still open.

The 87% business is a team of experts in Psychology, Technology and Business. Their focus is on improving mental wellbeing in the workforce while maintaining the absolute privacy and trust of the individual. The benefits of using the platform accrue not only directly to end-users but also each organisation through improved engagement and productivity.

 “We believe that business has a pivotal role to play at this time. This sudden change in working conditions has highlighted the need for employees’ mental and physical wellness to be top of the agenda. Resilient mental health can help individuals, and therefore their families and society cope better with the uncertainty and worry that unforeseen crises like the COVID-19 bring.” Andy Bibby, CEO, 87%

“We are proud to be supporting RCEM at this challenging time. The front-line members of the global community are selflessly and tirelessly putting their wellbeing and indeed health at risk for the benefit of society. It is our duty to support the College and its members in any way possible” Richard Glynn, Chairman, 87%.

For more information on free access to the 87% app, visit the website here. If you are a larger organisation but interested in the support and insight that 87% can offer, please contact

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