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Was 2020 a watershed year for D&I? The blue touch-paper is lit for 2021

Chris Parke, CEO at Talking Talent calls for leaders to do more to make our working lives more agile and flexible in 2021

Employers must prioritise D&I efforts to champion workers in Lockdown 3.0

As the reality of the next few months sinks in, more parents once again face the hardships of home schooling and home working, or furlough

BAME HCAs: a strong advocate against bullying and harassment

His knack for solving problems for BAME healthcare professionals earned Dr Syed Mujtaba Hasnain Nadir a National BAME Health & Care Award

CBI: fairness and equality can define London’s post-covid economy

Equality, innovation and net-zero priorities will help drive the capital’s economic recovery, say London’s business leaders

New inclusivity course wants bosses to end their silence on race

A convener of a new nine-week business course says leaders must start speaking openly about race if they want to create a truly inclusive workplace.

Jen Rodvold and the role of tech to better workplaces and society

Ahead of the Women in IT Ireland Summit Jen Rodvold outlines the diverse potential in technology

#talkboutblack: so…where do we go from here?

Leading Fund Manager at LGIM, and a key mastermind behind #talkaboutblack, asks what’s next on the road to race equality in the UK

Businesses support leading Covenant to show care leavers more empathy

Young care leavers face a multitude of hurdles when starting their adult life, but businesses have come together to make that journey easier

12m Brits do not believe toxic masculinity is a problem

Free online course plans to educate people on gender history as studies show that toxic masculinity still lurks in society

Businesses champion disability inclusion on 75th anniversary of UNGA

Global businesses AGL Energy, Daimler, DuPont, Financial Times, B&Q and Verizon sign up to putting disability inclusion on their board agenda