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Popstar Yemi Alade champions gender empowerment in new UN role

Alade joins a growing list of celebrities working with the UN to raise awareness of gender inequality and poverty

HP Inc. deepens investment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities

The tech giant launches distance learning business challenge aimed at tackling the under-representation of Black students in the industry

LGBTQ+ community faces wellbeing crisis due to lockdown

The impacts of lockdown and the pandemic has worsened the mental wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace

7 ways to boost workplace diversity and inclusion in the next normal

A practical guide to diversity and inclusion in the next normal

Calls to support education leavers fuels World Youth Skills Day 2020

World Youth Skills Day 2020 highlights the need to give greater to support to education leavers to bolster business growth

30% club sets new targets to boost gender and ethnic diversity on boards

30% Club calls for British businesses to go beyond decade-old targets in the next three years with new goals

Top global VCs demystify unconscious bias in funding and innovation

Will coronavirus amplify the already existing unconscious bias in the corporate world and in venture capital?

The diversity dilemma of COVID-19: why diversity and inclusion is more important than ever

Diversity and inclusion haven’t disappeared during the pandemic, so businesses shouldn’t be excused for thinking it.

How good leadership leads to greater diversity

Good leadership is the key to a work environment where diversity can thrive, says startup strategy advisor Tzvete Doncheva.

Businesses answer the cries for disability inclusion – but we aren’t there yet

Airbnb, Mitsubishi Chemical, Nationwide, SAP, UniCredit and Wipro sign up to global disability inclusion movement – The Valuable 500