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Code-switching: having to fit into the corporate world

Efficio Consulting and Rob Woodstock discuss code-switching, bias, and how allies can better the workplace for the BAME community

What is the future of corporate social responsibility?

Intel is leading the industry standard by releasing their corporate social responsibility report, detailing their goals for diversity.

Help stamp out bias in the graduate recruitment cycle

Be part of the movement to evolve the graduate recruitment process in British businesses for future graduates

An open letter to Corporate America: I can’t feel my pain

Northern Trust executive Shundrawn Thomas reflects on the state of race relations in the workplace, and in his heart

Women in Asset Management: should corporate diversity be mandated?

After years of discussing the benefits of diversity in the workplace, why have more companies not achieved meaningful progress?

Why is Black talent ‘opting out’ of corporate America?

The Black talent exodus: will the current climate force corporate America into action to stem the tide?

Top global VCs demystify unconscious bias in funding and innovation

Will coronavirus amplify the already existing unconscious bias in the corporate world and in venture capital?

How tech can boost diversity and extinguish unconscious bias

Oliver Cummings, COO of online board and C-level hiring marketplace Nurole, explains how tech can boost diversity across all sectors.

To increase diversity, first tackle ‘Corporate Clone Syndrome’

Corporate Clone Syndrome is a thing. Award-winning corporate coach and psychometric trainer Rita Chowdhry explains why.

Founding corporate members stand with City Hive to commit to inclusion

The investment management industry must collaborate to attract future talent and close the gap, states City Hive